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Energy is one of the major inputs for the economic development of any country. It is known that both, in the short run and in the long run, it is the growth in electrical energy consumption that fuels economic growth. The GDP of the country is directly linked to growth in Energy consumption. It is estimated that globally the energy demand is increasing @1.5% every year.

Transformation of energy from its natural form to a usable form and its transmission and distribution up to the load centres involve cost-intensive processes. At the load centres, conversion of energy to suit the requirements also involves machinery, tools and processes. All these add to the cost of energy available to the consumer. High-cost hampers growth and creates a high impact on economic and social development. Non-scientific and haphazard usage of energy also creates environmental and health problems. Hence at every stage, it is required to enforce energy management in a systematic manner. It is observed that, in our country, on one hand, commercial energy use is growing fast and on the other hand, volatile energy prices, in the absence of systematic energy management, are causing strong impacts on economic growth.


This is the reason that in the case of all developing countries, the energy sector assumes critical importance in view of the ever-increasing energy needs which call for huge investments to meet them. Energy conservation, therefore, plays an important role, since usable energy is saved and energy is extracted from waste, which avoids production needs for more energy. This is the main reason that there should be a thrust to conserve energy as well as to look out for alternative sourcing.


A proactive assessment and management of energy systems allow for successful economic and environmental results. An energy-conscious manager strategically evaluates energy use, with a view to making changes in an iterative manner, which create a more efficient system.


Due to these facts, energy engineering along with its conservation and management has become a growing field of study which provides an exciting career path.

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