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Alak Kumar Manna,

Industrial Energy Limited

December 14, 2019

​Guidance from experts and knowledge from different domain experts are the most valuable of the conference.

Vinod Roy,

Godrej Industries Limited

January 18, 2018

​Most of the sessions covered about Employee Engagement, Safety and Human Resources.

Ashish Kumar Dewangan,

Hindustan Zinc Limited

January 18, 2018

​Knowledge sharing by other speakers and experts was most valuable.

Santosh Ghivare,

Mahindra and Mahindra Limited

January 18, 2018

​Creating a bond of love among each other to perform and achieve greatness.

Gul Wadhwa,

Mahindra and Mahindra Limited

January 18, 2018

​All the presentations and talk of Swamiji on "Spirituality at Work" was most valuable.

Mangilal Sharma,

Hindustan Zinc Limited

January 17, 2018

​Knowledge sharing by other industry expert and panel discussion was most valuable.

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